Conversations with Israel and Palestine

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Conversations With Israel and Palestine

Partners for Progressive Israel is committed to bringing voices from both Israel and Palestine to our American audience, providing an important link between progressives in the U.S. and those in the Middle East. On a monthly basis we ask Israelis on the left—among them, members of Knesset, representatives of key NGOs, academics, and journalists—to join their Palestinian counterparts in informing those of us at home about critical issues of the day in the region. Although we attempt to find dialogue partners, occasionally just one individual will speak. Formats for the Conversations vary; our preferred medium is the webinar, although on occasion we organize conference calls. Anyone who cannot attend a live webinar or call can find a recording or podcast on our website.


“Decentral Israel”: The Socio-Politics of Israel’s Pivotal Periphery Regions

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Annexation: Zionism and Democracy in a post-Two State Solution World

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Election Briefing with MK Tamar Zandberg

“Deal of the Century”: What Now for the Israeli Left?

Giving Power to Our Principles: The 2020 World Zionist Congress Elections

Election Update with Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg

Welcome the Stranger: Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Israel

Can Progressive Americans Contribute to an Israeli Left Revival?

Gaza: Solutions in the Absence of a Two-State Solution?

Women, Judaism, and Israel

Strange Bedfellows: Can Settlers and Leftists Work Together for Peace?

Palestinian-Israelis in a Jewish State

Jerusalem: Myths and Realities

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BDS: An In-depth Conversation

Women Organizing for a Better Israel

The Race for Knesset – the Struggle for Israel’s Soul

Beyond Two States: Is Confederation the Solution…?

Inequality in the Holy City: Palestinians, Jews, and Jerusalem

Meretz Elections 2018 and its Implications

Rethinking US/Israel Partnership: Community, Identity, Politics