Fight For Democracy, END THE OCCUPATION

Fight For Democracy, END THE OCCUPATION 2023-02-28T12:15:12-05:00


So much attention, in recent weeks, has been devoted to the new Israeli government’s push to eliminate judicial review and politicize Israeli courts. Unfortunately, this has hidden from view the ongoing efforts aimed at displacing Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, as well as the continuing threats of eviction to vulnerable Palestinian citizens of Israel within the borders of the state. The Occupation and widespread discrimination continue to be the elephant in the room to which too many close their eyes. In that vacuum, the militant right continues with acts of vigilante terror, supplementing the vast powers of state authority now under its control.

The Sunday evening pogrom in the West Bank town of Huwara show us the direction things are going. The unrestrained violence of the settlers, the army turning a blind eye and not letting rescue workers in till the rioters had finished – we have seen this before, in Russia, for example in the 1880s.  Are we repeating our history, this time with us in the role of the persecutors?

Today, February 28th is the 6-year anniversary of the death of our founder, Harold Shapiro. It was in the late 1980’s when Harold returned from a visit to Israel during which he saw firsthand both the effects of the Occupation on Palestinians and its internal threats to Israeli democracy, that he had a passionate desire to create an American organization (then called the Education Fund for Israeli Civil Rights and Peace). His vision, which Partners continues today, was to inform the diaspora of what was going on in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza and empower and support Israelis working to end the Occupation while ensuring human rights, social justice and equality for all of Israel’s inhabitants. 

In Harold’s memory and in honor of the important work Partners for Progressive Israel continues to do, a generous donor has offered to match all contributions up to $18,000 starting today through Monday, March 27th. Over the next month Partners for Progressive Israel will refocus attention on the Occupation and the ongoing campaigns of displacement, of which the judicial changes are just one part.  

Please participate by reading our emails, attending our upcoming webinars, and continuing Harold’s legacy by spreading the word. Also, please donate to help Partners realize the full benefit of the matching grant and raise the necessary funds to sustain our work.


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