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Masafer Yatta, Sheikh Jarrah, and the Negev are today’s flash points in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Masafer Yatta: In early May, Israel’s High Court of Justice approved the expulsion of nearly a thousand Palestinians from this group of hamlets in the South Hebron Hills area of the West Bank. If implemented, the eviction would be the largest removal of Palestinians from their lands in decades.
  • Sheikh Jarrah:  Israel’s quasi-governmental Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL) has bought up parcels of land in East Jerusalem owned by Jews before 1948, and is trying to evict Palestinian families who have lived there since before 1967.  Due to strong international pressure, the courts have temporarily halted some of these expulsions.
  • Negev Bedouin: The Israeli government has been trying to expel Negev Bedouin from their land for decades, despite their Israeli citizenship.  Most recently, in January, the Jewish National Fund tried to expel Bedouin in order to plant trees for a new forest.

The Israeli government’s expulsions of Palestinians, home demolitions, denial of access to farmland, and settler vandalism have led to increasingly violent clashes and instability in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Israel proper. These persistent and ongoing efforts to expel Palestinians from the land on which they have lived for generations is not only cruel and inhuman, but also violate international human rights and humanitarian law.

We say it is time to END THE EXPULSION of Palestinians.

Beginning today (June 1, 2022), Partners for Progressive Israel is launching a month-long campaign to rally attention and raise our voices to stop Palestinians’ expulsion and home demolitions. Over the next month we will be presenting a series of programs in collaboration with progressive Israeli and Palestinian organizations and individuals who have been fighting these evictions on the ground.

To support our END THE EXPULSIONS campaign Partners has received a generous gift that will match dollar for dollar each contribution made by June 30th, up to $15,000. 

We call on you to take advantage of this matching offer. In addition to doubling your contri­bution, you will be an integral part of making sure that we keep our voices loud and build our campaign against forced expulsions and home demolitions of Palestinians, wherever they live.


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