WHAT WILL THEY INHERIT? Young People in Israel-Palestine

WHAT WILL THEY INHERIT? Young People in Israel-Palestine 2024-07-12T09:51:34-04:00


Dear Friends and Supporters of Partners for Progressive Israel,

In the face of the ongoing war in Gaza, escalating violence in the West Bank, and increasing danger in Israel’s North, it can be a struggle to envision a different future: one where Israelis and Palestinians architect a just peace, with dignity and human rights ensured for all. It is easy to look at the crisis of leadership and the ongoing horror unfolding in the region and despair. 

But the young people of Israel and Palestine cannot afford any kind of hopelessness. It is these children and youth who have the most to lose in the face of conflict without a meaningful articulation of the “day after,” and it is they who need our support most to build a lasting vision of the future, marked not just by safety, but the ability to grow and flourish. We must ensure a future in Israel-Palestine where these young people can thrive. 

Beginning July 8th, Partners for Progressive Israel has launched a campaign to keep the focus where it belongs: on the future of Israelis and Palestinians. WHAT WILL THEY INHERIT? Young People in Israel-Palestine is a month-long effort in collaboration with partners old and new to uplift the work and voices of affected youth throughout the region. Through webinars, action and advocacy opportunities, and more, we’ll highlight the efforts of young people and those who support them in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. 

To support our WHAT WILL THEY INHERIT? campaign, Partners has received a generous gift that will match dollar for dollar each contribution made by August 8th, up to $18,000. 

Take advantage of this matching offer. Double the impact of your contribution, and support Partners in keeping our voice loud for the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians. Contribute today to the “WHAT WILL THEY INHERIT?” campaign and make your voice heard for the future of Israelis and Palestinians. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Rabbi Margo Hughes-Robinson

Executive Director, Partners for Progressive Israel

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