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Stop Annexation Now Campaign

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Contribute to Fund Against Annexation & Double Your Gift

An Appeal

Matching Grant Challenge
June 1- July 1

Dear friends and supporters of Partners for Progressive Israel,

We hope you and your families are well and are succeeding in escaping the reach of Covid-19. But there are ominous events in Israel that are proceeding in spite of the pandemic—and we at Partners must do our part to stop them.

As you know, Bibi Netanyahu’s new government was sworn in earlier this month and annexation is on its agenda. As of July 1st the government can take steps to annex parts of the West Bank. We have to stop it. Partners for Progressive Israel has one primary policy goal now: STOP ANNEXATION!

Partners has set up a FUND AGAINST ANNEXATION, which will keep our voice loud and clear during these crucial months.

We have received a generous gift that will match each contribution to the Stop Annexation Fund dollar for dollar up to $12,000 between now and July 1st. This doubles your gift!

In addition, the first 25 donors of $180 or more will receive a copy of the best-selling novel, Apeirogon, by Colum McCann, which shares the story of bereaved fathers and Parents Circle Co-Directors, Rami Elhanan and Bassam Aramin. It is a first edition copy of the book and signed by the author.

You ask: what can we do to stop annexation? We are working with our partners in the Progressive Israel Network to build opposition among American Jews and others. We are supporting Meretz and other courageous Israelis who are fighting against the new government’s plans. We are hosting programs, including webinars with Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.

Annexation is not a done deal! It can be stopped!

Contribute NOW to our FUND AGAINST ANNEXATION to make your voice heard in this struggle. Israel’s future as a democratic and liberal state hands in the balance!

Remember, our matching fund doubles your gift and a $180 contribution gets you a copy of Apeirogon.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Paul Scham                           Karen Shapiro
President                               Vice President