The Israel Election Results: The Impact on Women

The Israel Election Results: The Impact on Women 2021-04-12T21:30:36-04:00

What's gender got to do with it? Israelis have voted in national elections for the fourth time in two years. Partners’ Women's Initiative along with our co-sponsor, the National Council of Jewish Women, organized a webinar on 31st March to discuss the results of the elections. Galia Golan and Samah Salaime went beyond the numbers, tackling the 2021 returns and the complex Israeli political map. Moderator, Suha Salman Mousa led the discussion which was centered on the implications of the election on the issues of justice and equality. In addition, the panelists also explored areas of commonality between Progressive Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli women, and if there were ways to advocate together. Crucial issues affecting both groups included education, healthcare and reproductive freedom, religious pluralism and employment.


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