Keeping the Peace During the Gaza War

Keeping the Peace During the Gaza War 2024-02-29T23:42:51-05:00

In May 2021, a period of fear and violence shook Israel: A conflict that germinated in Jerusalem expanded into Gaza, and soon boomeranged and escalated inside the Green Line. Far-right extremists incited interethnic violence in Israel’s mixed cities, where the country’s Jewish and Palestinian citizens live side-by-side, leading to death and destruction. Following the devastating October 7 attacks, however, there has been no repetition of intercommunal conflict inside Israel, even with a far-right Israeli government in power. What has Israeli civil society learned from the past to prevent such violence and how might it apply those lessons in the future so that Jews and Arabs can come together across differences?

On Wednesday, February 28 a webinar discussion featuring speakers Shahira Shalaby and Ruth Lewin-Chen, Co-Deputy CEOs of The Abraham Initiatives, and moderated by Partners for Progressive Israel board member, Professor Sam Fleischacker took place.

This webinar was cosponsored by Partners for Progressive Israel and The Abraham Initiatives.

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