“Deal of the Century”: What Now for the Israeli Left?

“Deal of the Century”: What Now for the Israeli Left? 2020-03-16T22:22:04-04:00

Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu recently announced a new plan for Israel and Palestine weighted heavily in favor of those in Israel who support annexation of the West Bank and reject the internationally accepted parameters for a viable two-state solution.

With unilateral Israeli annexation of a large portion of the West Bank on the near horizon, does the Trump plan mark the end of the road for the two-state solution? Must the Israeli left now formulate a new paradigm for the future?

On 12 March 2020, Aluf Benn, Editor-in-Chief of Haaretz and Akiva Eldar, columnist for Al-Monitor’s Israel Pulse discussed this important issue.

The conversation was moderated by Jodi Rudoren, Editor-in-Chief of The Forward.

This event was co-sponsored by Americans for Peace Now.


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