Stop the Fighting – Then Resolve the Conflict

Stop the Fighting – Then Resolve the Conflict 2024-02-29T23:35:16-05:00

Israel needs to learn from past mistakes and stop relying solely on a military solution as the way to achieve security. That, Dr. Nancy Okail, President and CEO of the Center for International Policy, told our webinar audience, is a “false assumption that has been proved wrong over and over again”. Indeed, in rejecting a diplomatic path forward, Okail argued, Israel has managed to make Hamas the default option for the Palestinian people. Hamas’ October 7 terrorism, she noted, must therefore be looked at not just as an Israeli intelligence and military failure, but as a “failure of political foresight”.

We’re delighted to now share with you a recording of our Wednesday, December 20 webinar, “Stop the FightingThen Resolve the Conflict,” in case you weren’t able to attend live. The event was moderated by our board member, Prof. Joshua Shanes.

Okail’s co-panelist, Matt Duss, Executive Vice-President of the Center for International Policy, stressed that, although the goal of “ending Hamas” completely isn’t realistic, it is possible to “make Hamas irrelevant” through a “process that offers Palestinians a horizon for liberation and an end to occupation”. But reaching a situation in which both peoples equally enjoy national self-determination, Duss said, will likely “require Biden and the United States to confront” Israel’s recalcitrant government.

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