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In spite of Israel’s long-lasting Occupation and persistent attacks on human rights and democracy that include ethnic and religious prejudice, discrimination and demeaning marginalization, remarkable people, Jews and Arabs, are engaged in creative efforts to bridge divides, foster mutual respect, and fight for human rights and civil rights, for dignity and fort a just peace.

It is the mission of Kolot-Voices of Hope, to open eyes and strengthen public awareness of those special efforts of Israeli/Palestinian cooperation as well as social justice endeavors that seldom get reported. Whether on the West Bank, Gaza or within the Green Line, Israelis and Palestinians are working to find constructive solutions on such issues as water and land use, education, health, travel and commerce, bereavement support, civil and human rights (including women’s equality, LGBTQ rights and religion/state issues), and—most notably–peace.

The work of the organizers and organizations needs to be told. Their history and their ongoing concrete efforts guided by and in turn, promoting the values of democracy and human rights, offer us the fresh air of hope that we all need to breathe.

Kolot: Voices of Hope fills a gap most media outlets fail to cover. Partners for Progressive Israel believes that sharing stories of cooperative endeavors by and about those engaged at the grassroots level in Israel and Palestine will open new perspectives for many of us in the United States. We all need to hear that the spirit of mutual respect and equality still resonates in the region. We need to know there are individuals and groups committed to living in peace and dignity with “the other.” Kolot: Voices of Hope, brings these untold tales of mutual respect and constructive cooperation to the forefront, allowing us to see a way forward to a better future.

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