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Kolot: Voices of Hope is a series of profiles of individuals and groups doing vital work in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory – work for civil and human rights, for social justice, for peace, for pluralism, and for democracy.

Israel’s semipermanent military Occupation is an offense to human rights in the OPTs, of course, and it has also steadily eaten away, within Israel proper, at the promise made in Israel’s 1948 Declaration of Independence: Complete equality of social and political rights to all inhabitants irrespective of religion, race, ethnic and national identity, or gender.

Kolot: Voices of Hope features those remarkable Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, in the West Bank and Gaza and/or within the Green Line, who continue to stand up for these progressive principles and for the communities most endangered by their erosion.

The efforts of these activists and organizations are too often overlooked by the mainstream media. But their work needs to be told, as it provides the fresh air of hope that we all need to breathe, allowing us to see a way forward to a better future. It is the mission of Kolot: Voices of Hope, therefore, to fill this gap in order to open eyes and increase public awareness of these endeavors, which do not get reported on enough.

Featured Organizations

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