The Israel-Palestine Symposium 2023

The Israel-Palestine Symposium 2023 2023-10-29T14:44:41-04:00


4th Israel-Palestine Digital Symposium – Fall 2023

As we face an unprecedented war between Israel and Hamas, and as the future of peacebuilding feels more uncertain than ever, we must re-double our efforts to support those still fighting for justice and equity in Israel-Palestine.

As horrific scenes of bloodshed, war, and chaos unfold before us, we at Partners find inspiration in those on the ground who refuse to dehumanize “the other”, or see one another as enemies.

The war with Gaza has tabled the threat of judicial overhaul for the immediate future, but we cannot disconnect current events from the damage and destruction caused to Israeli society and security as a result of the judicial overhaul.
Genuine Israeli democracy certainly cannot co-exist with occupation. Nor can it sustain itself fully while an extremist right-wing government seeks to divide society for political points and pursue a messianic vision of Jewish settlement at the expense of security within the green line.

Our Symposium will invite leaders of Israeli and Palestinian civil society to address their firsthand experiences in working against these threats throughout the 8 sessions (two each day) every other Sunday from October 22nd to December 3rd. We are closely monitoring the war between Israel and Gaza and will be adapting our programming to bring you the most relevant topics of discussion for each session.
This is an incredibly dark time for the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Let these speakers and organizations be points of light.

Each week we will explore how Israeli & Palestinian civil society take action:

10/22 – Acknowledging One Another: Working for a Just Resolution from the River to the Sea

Session #1: Being in the Presence of One Another: Civil Society Leaders Come Together

The conflict cannot be resolved with a military solution. We will hear responses from leaders of two Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations with regard to the current crisis. Are there innovative ways to building pathways toward reconciliation between the two peoples?

Session #2: Two States, One Homeland: Confederation, a Path for Moving Forward

In the midst of this tragic war, hope resides in the coming together of Israelis and Palestinians. An Israeli and a Palestinian leader of the civil society organization, “A Land for All,” will bear witness to the crisis at hand and discuss innovative ways for moving forward.

11/5 – Marginalized Communities: Healing Disparities 

Session #3: The Struggles of Israel’s Minority Groups during War

In times of war, chaos, and uncertainty, marginalized communities in Israel face increased discrimination, often with less resources and protection. Human rights advocates will discuss the effects of the current Israel-Gaza war on their communities.

Session #4: Palestinian Women’s Voices Resound

Women face unique challenges during war-time, even as they play a central role in striving for equality. We will hear about the struggles, issues, and efforts towards a better future from Palestinian women in the region.

11/19 – Focus on the West Bank: The Effects of the Gaza War

Session #5: Settlers and Palestinians Clash in the West Bank as the War with Gaza Rages On

As the world’s attention turns towards Israel’s war in Gaza, the already-fragile situation in the occupied West Bank reaches a boiling point. With soldiers largely moved to the front lines in the south, a collection of soldier-settlers are attacking Palestinians with impunity, with little attention or repercussion. We will discuss how Jewish activists work with Palestinian partners in the West Bank to offer protection during this time.

Session #6 Settlers and Palestinians on the West Bank Seek Points of Convergence

Numbers of settlers on the West Bank, many of them deeply religious, have joined Palestinians living in nearby villages to discuss how they might work together to sustain that mutual trust so necessary for peacemaking. As tensions rise between Palestinians and Jews, we will discuss how these individuals honor the moral teachings of their respective traditions, and move to challenge the assumptions about one another held by so many among both peoples.

12/3 – A Shared Society Within the Green Line: Working for Equality

Session #7: More than Co-Existing: Overcoming Political and Economic Disparities

How does “shared society” differ from “coexistence?” Representatives of both civil societies will discuss ways in which the goal of a “shared society” can be realized. Issues pertinent to the inequality between Israeli Jewish and Israeli Palestinian citizens of Israel will be explored, and ways to help overcome disparities of rights will be offered.

Session #8: Palestinian and Jewish Israelis Join Hands in Pursuit of Justice

2023 has seen an alarming increase in intra-Palestinian murders within Israel; numbers of deaths have far eclipsed those of the same period in previous years. Government neglect is a main factor in the spike of this intra-community violence, with some of the Jewish leadership claiming “it’s their problem.” Arab-Jewish grass roots organizations have sparked a movement, called by some “Arab Lives Matter,” to address the current violence. We will hear from some of their representatives.


General Information

The Israel-Palestine Symposium will take place via Zoom over twelve, two- hour sessions (from 11am – 1pm ET & 1:30pm – 3:30pm ET) on four Sundays:

• October 22                    • November 19
• November 5                  • December 3

To allow for substantive discussion, each session will be limited to 50 participants and will be divided as follows:

• 45-minute presentations by the invited guest speakers
• 45-minute direct Q&A conversation with the speakers
• 30-minute discussion among Symposium participants

Registration and Sponsorship

Space is limited to 50 participants per session. We recommend signing up early to secure your spot! 

Symposium Registration Fee
$210 – Full Symposium (8 Fall sessions & 8 Spring sessions)
$120 – Full Symposium ((8 Fall sessions only)
$20   – Individual session


Sponsorship Information 
The cost to host the 2023 Israel-Palestine Symposium is greater than these fees will cover. Support this important and timely program by becoming a Sponsor today. As a Sponsor, you can attend all 16 Symposium sessions, plus access links (for a limited time). You will also be acknowledged at each session, in our promotional materials, e-blasts, social media and on our website!