Conversations with Israel and Palestine: Dan Meridor

Conversations with Israel and Palestine: Dan Meridor

“There has been a great change in public discourse in Israel. These days, people who speak of human rights, the rule of law, and democracy are labelled as ‘Leftwing.’ ” – Dan Meridor

Today we spoke with Dan Meridor. Dan is a longtime statesman and lawyer-by-trade and has been active in Israeli politics since the early eighties. He has served as an MK of the Likud and Center parties in six Knessets, and has held a variety of ministerial posts, ranging from Minister of Justice to Deputy Prime Minister. Additionally, Dan has served as the president of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations and has written for a multiple publications.

Mr. Meridor has long been known as a moderate, even a liberal, from the old Revisionist-Zionist camp.  In the last election, he distanced himself from Likud and has generally been a critic of the party.

Listen to this insightful talk.

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