Zehava Galon’s Tribute to Hashomer Hatzair

Zehava Galon’s Tribute to Hashomer Hatzair

The following is from Zehava Galon’s speech in honor of the 100th anniversary of the socialist-Zionist youth movement, Hashomer Hatzair:

Galon embraced by MK Ilon Gilon

Dear Members of Hashomer Hatzair, it is very exciting to be here today. Here among thousands of women and men who share the dream of Zionism, socialism and brotherhood among nations. A great vision is better than the sum of its parts, because without even one of the single parts, the entire dream would lose its balance.

Hashomer Hatzair is the spiritual mother of all of us: yours, Meretz’s, and mine. It was the first, and for many years the only, political movement that understood that nationalism cannot be fair, if it is not accompanied by the values of equality, social justice and brotherhood of nations – in solidarity with our neighbors. Zionism, socialism and brotherhood of nations. Together. Without separating its components. These are the ideological foundations established by Hashomer Hatzair and the basis of the Israeli left. Hashomer Hatzair’s Zionism, the Zionism that you led and you continue to lead, is the Zionism that built a country that could become part of the family of nations.

You are our partners in the formation of a genuine social democracy, which implies respect and solidarity of the human person as such, regardless of religion, beliefs, sex or sexual orientation.
Our Zionism is secular, democratic and egalitarian. Not messianic.

Our Zionism is the opposite of occupation and colonization. Our Zionism is not against the world, rather part of it.

Zionism, socialism and brotherhood is the left. And the left is also an opportunity for Israel.  For Israel’s prosperity. For Israel’s hope. This is not going to happen tomorrow. It will not happen immediately. But it will happen. 

Chazak ve’Ematz [The traditional Hashomer Hatzair rallying cry, “Be strong and courageous.”]

Zehava Galon, Meretz Chairwoman

North American alumni of Hashomer Hatzair at a reunion this summer in Israel ; Hillel Schenker stands in the middle.

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