Worthwhile Selected Reading from the Web

Worthwhile Selected Reading from the Web

Phyllis Bernstein has taken on the invaluable task of compiling a selection of useful Web items on our issues.  This is her initial post, including seven links:

  • New Jersey Jewish News, “The liberal Zionist surrender”
NJJN Editor Andrew Silow-Carroll’s column:
An optimistic view of liberal Zionism AND a good statement of what OUR job in the diaspora is: to promote, publicize and help those organizations in Israel. It is a good affirmation of our mission.  

  • My letter in NJJN, “The loyal opposition” 

  • Forward: JJ Goldberg, “Zionism isn’t dead”

  • Boston Globe editorial (sent by Carolyn Oppenheim): 

The final conclusion: “This sends a bad message. Indeed, Abbas has suggested that he will not return to the negotiating table with Israel, and will instead pursue a solution at the United Nations. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an historic opportunity to make peace with Abbas, who renounced violence long ago. But talks went nowhere, and even good-faith gestures, such as the release of prisoners Abbas wants from Israeli jails, proved too difficult politically for Netanyahu to pull off. If Netanyahu is unable to solve Israel’s problems through diplomacy or through war, then perhaps it is time for Israelis to begin looking for another prime minister.”

The conclusion was so startling that we thought the whole piece worth sharing.  The Boston Globe is a major, well-respected newspaper.  I wonder if it’s the first in the US to say what some Israelis are saying.  The paper did not take this step flippantly.

  • “Friends of Israel” by Connie Bruck, The New Yorker, Sept. 1, 2014
What we knew and what we didn’t know, names and all, documented influences on US Foreign Policy as well as Congress. It’s mostly about AIPAC that continues to march to its own tune no matter what Israel does. A long article in The New Yorker, interesting and worth the read.  

This is a must read to understand the biased media coverage of Israel. It confirms everything I have ever believed about media reporting, including a degree of anti-Israel bias in deciding what is newsworthy. Still, the reporter calls the “Israeli settlement project” a moral and strategic error on Israel’s part and a cause of the conflict.  His main thrust is the disproportionate importance focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “Israel is not one of the most important stories in the world, or even in the Middle East; . . . Israel is a speck on the map—a sideshow that happens to carry an unusual emotional charge.”

This is a very interesting and disturbing analysis by an Egyptian academic. It shows how this really is a regional conflict and far more complicated that is usually presented, even by liberal Zionists.
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