With Pres. Obama in Jerusalem

With Pres. Obama in Jerusalem

It was 4:12 AM EST that an email appeared from our chaver and blogger Hillel Schenker, reporting in real time from Israel:

President Obama is currently visiting Yad Vashem — he is now rekindling the eternal flame — after laying wreaths at the graves of Herzl and Rabin.  Yesterday’s speech
to the students — I was one of the privileged 5% (at most) of non-students who were there in person — was extraordinary.  Also there were Rabbi Arik Asherman [director of Rabbis for Human Rights], Hagit Ofran [head of the Settlement Watch project of Peace Now], David Grossman [the world-renowned writer] and others.

          This afternoon I’m scheduled to be one of the people summarizing the visit on Channel 2 (unfortunately at the same time that Israel plays Portugal).  It’s been a very intense week: including the two meetings I mention in my blog, a meeting we organized on Women and Power at the American Colony Hotel, and also a meeting that Meir Margalit [Meretz member of the Jerusalem city council] organized with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

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