Wide call for new social-democratic party

Wide call for new social-democratic party

Peace Now founder leading initiative for new social-democratic party by Ilan LiorThe initiative is led by Naftali Raz, a founder of Peace Now and a former party worker on behalf of Mapam, Meretz and Labor. Raz is considered close to Amram Mitzna and was a leading field organizers in Mitzna’s campaigns for Labor chairman.

The demise of Israel’s left may be the birth of a new political force by Avshalom Vilan: On the continuum between centrist Kadima and leftist Hadash, on the ruins of Meretz and Labor, a new political body must arise.

Amram Mitzna: I want to lead new party Mitzna called to establish an alignment of parties including the Labor, Meretz and Meimad parties of which he wishes to become the chairman. …

Left can unite to lead Israel once again by Zeev Sternhell: From the Sheikh Jarrah group to the “National Left” … and including Meretz and those people from Labor who are sick and tired of the opportunism of their leaders.

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