We Can Stop the Next Gaza War Now!

We Can Stop the Next Gaza War Now!

The next war with Hamas in Gaza is around the corner. Reuters reports that Israelis near Gaza fear Hamas is tunneling beneath them. And Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Islamic militant group Hamas that rules Gaza on Sunday that his country will retaliate with “greater force” than deployed in the 2014 Gaza war if cross-border tunnels are used to attack Israel.

MK Tamar Zandberg posted this on Facebook in response:

In the last few days, it seems like the next Gaza war is around the corner. Like a foretold accident that no one is trying to prevent.

It starts with a “trickle” that has fallen (a euphemism for missiles). The Gaza envelope residents are complaining about the noise of tunnel construction under their homes. Netanyahu is threatening to bomb ‘More than in Operation Protective Edge.” And Buji Herzog, proving he is on Netanyahu’s right, suggesting to bomb earlier and more powerfully.

On the other side there is Gaza. Gaza is experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis, shortage of water and electricity, its sewage spills into the Mediterranean and tens of thousands of families are homeless. But simultaneously Hamas continues investing resources in preparing an attack on Israel.

This is precisely the reason the Israeli solution must be smarter. Smart solutions can be found everywhere, if you search for them.

Egypt, for example, flooded the tunnel with water without invading Gaza.

If Israel seeks to topple the Hamas regime – it needs to cooperate with the international community and get the Palestinian Authority involved. Currently, Israel is doing the exact opposite – it is turning its back if not spiting in the face of the Palestinian leadership and the world.

And damn it, what about the political horizon Prime Minister Netanyahu promised at the end of Operation Protective Edge? Just this week, the Israeli government played an honor game and rejected a political initiative. Can we sleep well knowing that our government acted on every initiative, examined any ideas and did everything in its power to find a solution?

Because it seems like there is a persistent attempt to anesthetize or destroy any political option, only so that when the next round begins, they would be able to say “Now is not the time.”

Even Naftali Bennett (!) has already understood that common sense requires rehabilitating citizens and offering hope and not merely bombing and threats. Will Netanyahu and the rest of his government get it before or after the children of the South will run back to the shelters.

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  1. Govinda February 13, 2016 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    See for yourself:(From a Gazablog 30 jaunar 2009)’F. tells me: “The smell was terrible. The food was everywhere. Very disgusting smell. They put shit in the sinks, shit everywhere. Our clothes were everywhere. The last time they invaded [March 2008], it was easy. They broke everything and we fixed it. But this time, they put shit everywhere: in cupboards, on beds — my bed is full of shit.”She is strong and has handled the invasions before, but the desecration of her house has got her down.”A minute ago, Sabreen opened her clothing cupboard: there was a bowl of shit in it! They used our clothes for the toilet. They broke the door of the bathroom and brought it into our room. I don’t know why.”The door lies sideways on the floor of her bedroom, which itself looks like a tornado has taken apart. “They took out my lingerie and left it lying everywhere,” she goes on, listing the personal grievances which are more hurtful than the financial wreckage.As F. continues to clear the soldiers’ mess, she talks about her family’s state of mind. “Abed [her young nephew] is very afraid, he wants to leave because of the zenana,” referring the drones which fly overhead despite the ostensible ceasefire unilaterally declared by Israel on 18 January and violated by Israel since then.’

  2. http://www.sorethumbsblog.com/ April 28, 2016 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Jeg er dog kun hausefrau et par timer om ugen, da jeg jo ejer 3 virksomheder…men jeg elsker at pusle om min kæreste og mit hjem….det er sgu vores ret som kvinde ved ikke om jeg nogensinde ville blive det pÃ¥ heltid, jeg tror jeg Har for meget krudt røven he he

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