Violence in the West Bank

Violence in the West Bank

Partners’ Statement on the Current Escalation of Violence

Partners for Progressive Israel unequivocally condemns the recent attacks on Israelis in Silwan and Neve Yaakov.  We also condemn the 144 reported attacks by settlers on Palestinians over the weekend as well as the barbaric practice of demolition of the homes of uninvolved family members of the attackers.

We have seen this ongoing cycle of violence many times before, and it seems that nothing has been forgotten and nothing learned.  It is in no way condoning Palestinian attacks to recognize that without a political horizon, Palestinians will never cease attacking the symbols and instrumentalities of the occupation. Each attack will lead inescapably to the next one until Israel, as the stronger power, eventually makes the fundamental decision that the occupation cannot be sustained – and moves decisively to end it.

We are under no illusions that any Israeli government in the current climate will take these necessary steps. Thus, the only way to begin to end the current impasse is for Americans, at both the grassroots level as well as at the highest positions of government, to demand that the madness end.

The US government is in the unique position of being able to demand that Israel refrain from house demolitions, building new settlements, or engaging in other retaliatory actions that are being planned.  It can implement follow-on measures if Israel refuses.  It can also strongly urge the Palestinian Authority to reinstate security cooperation if Israel complies. We hope that Secretary of State Blinken, on his current trip to Israel, takes note that this is not a time for business as usual.

American citizens, especially those with a historically close relationship with Israel such as American Jews, must not be silent.  We need to use those tools that we can, including contacting our elected representatives, to ensure that this crisis does not proceed to a point where it results in hundreds or thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives.

We urge everyone in the Washington, D.C. area to join us and other Progressive Israel Network (PIN) organizations at a demonstration outside the Embassy of Israel this Friday, Feb. 3, at 2 pm.  The Embassy is off Van Ness St., 3514 International Dr. NW.

Partners will continue to work with its supporters and allies, in Israel, the US, and around the world, for a democratic Israel and a fair and equitable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“For Zion’s sake I will not be silent.” (Isaiah 62:1)

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