Touching Bottom in Israel: What is Next?

Touching Bottom in Israel: What is Next?

Dr. Zeki Ergas, the Secretary General of International P.E.N.’s Swiss Romand Center, a member of Internat’l. P.E.N.’s Writers for Peace Committee, and an occasional guest blogger for Meretz USA, has shared with us his most recent (as of April 2) and relatively-optimistic observations:

Why this Israeli government cannot and will not last

Firstly, and most importantly, Avigdor Lieberman is simply unacceptable on the international political scene. We live in an era in which the image one projects is terribly important. What kind of image would project for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton being in the same room and shaking hands, smiling, not to mention tapping on the shoulder, kissing on the cheeks, with this certifiably racist demagogue? In other words, Avigdor Lieberman just does not have the minimal qualities that are indispensable to be accepted as a respectable diplomat.

Secondly, that Netanyahu could name Lieberman to that delicate and sensitive post, shows a serious lack of judgement on his part. A lack of judgement that can be compared to that of John McCain when he chose Sarah Palin as running mate. He put political expediency and personal ambition before principle, and that was his undoing. The same thing will happen to Netanyahu.

Thirdly, Ehud Barak betrayed the essence of his party which is supposed to be centre-left. By providing a fig-leaf to this right-wing government, he has shown a degree of cynical opportunism that is contemptible. After its terrible defeat in the polls, any decent political leader would bow to the reality that the party needed to reconstruct itself in the opposition. But the lure of the Defence Ministry was too strong and Ehud Barak prostituted himself politically. His choice may well prove suicidal not only for himself, but also for his party that can split in the future, and disappear in the dustbin of history.

Fourthly, this government will rapidly find itself on a collision course with the Americans…

Read all of Dr. Ergas’ column by clicking here.

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