Tisha B’Av 2023

Tisha B’Av 2023

Today, Tisha B’Av, we mark the destruction of the two Temples, the first by the Babylonians, the second by the Romans. Each represented the end of a Jewish Commonwealth and the uprooting of Jewish settlement in Israel.

It is said the fall of the Second Temple was due to “sinat chinam,” a baseless hatred bred of extremist zealotry. Today, the Third Commonwealth is threatened by exactly that kind of extremism.

This very week saw the Knesset, controlled by a religious-chauvinist coalition, curtail the ability of Israeli Courts to annul administrative or legislative actions on the grounds that they are unreasonable. This power of the Courts, inherited from the British Mandate, followed the British manner of governance which, like Israel, has a parliamentary system without a separation of powers between legislative and executive branches, and lacks a constitution to define boundaries around governmental authority. The removal of the Court’s power to block unreasonable action is a precondition to the realization of the governing coalition’s extremist legislative agenda which will target women’s rights, non-Jewish minorities, gays, and which will accelerate Palestinian displacement under the Occupation.

Last week’s action and the extremist agenda of the Netanyahu government has been exercised in the face of massive demonstrations opposing the programs. Rather than listen to the voices of the public, the majority of which opposes the actions and program of the government, the Netanyahu coalition took its passed its provocative legislation and rejoiced in the chaos.

Partners for Progressive Israel has denounced the actions of the government, unreasonable on its face. We stand with the Israeli public which has demonstrated against the zealotry and extremism of the current administration. We will work with that public to raise their voices and build an understanding about what is happening in Israel and what is at stake.


Mark Gold

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