Thomas Mitchell: ‘What year it it…?’

Thomas Mitchell: ‘What year it it…?’

I’m tickled by this piece by Dr. Thomas Mitchell, posted at his Self-Hating Gentile blog: 

Airline pilots coming in to land at Belfast airport used to advise their passengers to reset their watches to local time–1688. There is developing in the blogosphere a debate over what year it is in the Middle East–1989 or 1848. Like the foreign policy debate between Democrats and Republicans during the second half of the Cold War, where every foreign crisis was reduced to being either another Vietnam or another Munich depending on which party you belonged to, we are given a choice between only two revolutionary years: the Springtime of Nations of the failed revolutions of 1848 and the “10 revolutions” (10 years in Poland, 10 months in Hungary, 10 weeks in Czechoslovakia, 10 days in Germany, 10 hours in Romania) of Eastern Europe in 1989. Eliminated from consideration are other important revolutionary periods of mass turmoil such as 1830-32, 1916-23, and 1968. …

Click here for the rest of this posting at his blog. 

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