There is no revolution without Meretz

There is no revolution without Meretz

1. The State of Israel
The State of Israel is a democratic country, the country of the Jewish people and all its citizens.

1.1 The national home for the Jewish people and for all its citizens.
Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, the country in which the Jewish people realizes its right to collective self-definition, and in addition it is a country belonging equally to all its citizens. All citizens of the country are entitled to equal status, without distinction on the background of religion, nationality, sexual preference, gender identity, or any other difference. The right of the members of the Jewish people to a national home, and the right of all of Israel’s citizens to full partnership in the sovereignty of their country do not negate each other, and they are both subject to the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, in which it was declared that the State of Israel:


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