The Way Forward

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

After the horrible Hamas attack on October 7, Israel united in the need for defense of the country and the return of the hostages Hamas had kidnapped. The path forward to secure freedom for the hostages and achieve lasting security for all of Israel’s inhabitants, however, has remained unclear.

Partners for Progressive Israel consistently has maintained that a secure future can not be built through military force alone and requires political processes that recognize the vital human rights and needs not only of Israelis but of Palestinians as well.

During war, voices calling for the need to create a shared future together for Jews and Palestinians in respective states at peace are viewed as naïve. The truth is the opposite. The voices calling for destruction, insularity, and Palestinian displacement represent the policies which have failed to bring security.

It is not easy to project the nuanced and complicated message of civil rights, human rights, and a shared future after extremists have waged a campaign of brutality and terror. But that is the message PPI bears in partnership with dedicated and conscious individuals and organizations in Israel. We do this, and we are able to do this, only through your support.

We thank you.


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