The price of freedom is (still) eternal vigilance

The price of freedom is (still) eternal vigilance

Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel [archive]. Dark forces are rising in Israel. Sinister currents are gaining confidence. For years, they grew strong in the West Bank, shielded by the so-called “moderate settler leadership”, that pooh-poohed the chronic extremist violence. (They’re only a “few bad seeds”, we were reminded, time after time.) Now their influence is seeping over the Green Line into sovereign Israel.

Here are only the latest warning signs:

Last week, the Likud party elected a list of candidates for Knesset that is as close to the party’s virulently right-wing component, “Jewish Leadership” (“Manhigut Yehudit”), as it is to party leader, Binyamin Netanyahu.

Here’s just a sample of what “Jewish Leadership”, led by Moshe Feiglin, a Likud candidate for Knesset, stands for:
– Stage one: Israel’s annexation of the West Bank and the denial of all civil rights to its Palestinian population (while maintaining Palestinian “human rights”, we are told!).
– Stage two: State-sponsored “encouragement” of Palestinian emigration.
– Stage three: The eventual expulsion of all Palestinians from Israel/Palestine when this becomes “feasible”.

But “Jewish Leadership” is not the only manifestation of Jewish racism in Israel.

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