The Nation-State Law: Pledge Against Hold them to Account

The Nation-State Law: Pledge Against Hold them to Account

Last July, a narrow majority of 62 Members of Knesset voted to approve the Nation State Law, an appalling piece of legislation designed to denigrate minorities in Israel as well as diaspora Jews. This law is an attack on democracy and a danger to Israel’s future.

Israelis and those who care about Israel deserve answers from those who voted for it. And we can help them get those answers.

Please click here to take the pledge ( to hold the MKs who voted for this law accountable.

I PLEDGE that if any of the 62 Members of Knesset who voted for the Nation State Law speak in my community, at a conference I am attending, or on a delegation to Israel that I participate in, I will demand answers from them about why they voted for a discriminatory and undemocratic law.

Many Israelis are already standing up and opposing this Law and reaffirming the principles of democracy and equality enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. We need to join and work with them!

They are counting on us to stand up for equality too. Hold the MKs to account. Demand Answers.

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