The Hatikvah Slate

The Hatikvah Slate

HATIKVAH – A Powerful New Partnership

October 20th-23rd, Jerusalem 2020
The Jewish People face a pivotal moment in history. This is our chance to help determine the future of the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Since 1897, every single Jew worldwide has had the opportunity to affect Israeli political and economic policy by voting in the World Zionist Congress elections. Make your voice heard TODAY.
Voting for HATIKVAH: Progressive Israel Slate, supports:
  • A two-state solution and ending the occupation
  • Social justice and protection of democratic rights for all Israeli citizens Religious and cultural pluralism
  • Gender equity
  • Full legal and social equality for the LGBTQ community
  • Dignity for refugees, asylum seekers and foreign workers
  • Environmental sustainability and regional cooperation

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