Tell Israelis that you stand with them in their fight for democracy

Tell Israelis that you stand with them in their fight for democracy

Israel’s democracy is in peril. The time to act is now. This coming Saturday night, January 15, thousands of Israelis will hold a large Emergency March for Democracy in Tel Aviv.

Please show your solidarity with those marching by signing the statement of support for Israeli democracy on our website.

Over the past several months we have watched with growing concern the regressive politics of Avigdor Lieberman, Im Tritzu, and others dominate the discourse and policies in Israel. We are dismayed by the path these forces are charting for the country. Proposed legislation like the loyalty oath and now the call to investigate human rights organizations has not only shaken us and our colleagues in Israel, but the very foundations of Israeli democracy.

We can no longer remain on the sidelines. The time has come for all of us to add our voices to the growing number of Israelis who are fighting to uphold the country’s democratic values. The time has come to take to the streets, both literally and figuratively, to fight for democracy.

Our statement and the list of signees’ names will be shared with the march organizers in Israel – the “Democratic Camp”, a broad-based coalition of NGOs and political parties – so that they, in turn, can share our message of support with the march participants.

Please click here to show your support for democracy in Israel, and here to learn more about this issue.

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