Tamar Zandberg, Six Year Later and Iran still does not have a Bomb

Tamar Zandberg, Six Year Later and Iran still does not have a Bomb

Tamar Zandberg posted on Facebook a response to Raviv Drucker’s Haartetz article asking “What Happened to the Iranian Bomb?” In the article Drucker argues that the entire political establishment adopted Netanyahu’s nightmare scenarios regarding Iran. But In Israel, when the doomsday prophecies fail to predict the future, nobody ever pays a price. “The doomsdayers,” as he calls them, “believe that there’s always some “long term” in which their prophecy will come true.”

Tamar Zandberg post:

Raviv Drucker reminded us of the disappearance of the Iranian bomb from our lives, or rather the disappearance of Netanyahu’s intimidation campaign, which was so central to the last six years of his rule.

Six years have passed since Bibi and Barak threatened to bomb Iran. Six years and Iran still doesn’t have a nuclear bomb. We would never know how many lives were saved just because they couldn’t reach a consensus around the attack which would have lead to a bloody war.

Six years ago, we gathered every evening near the home of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, to protest against the war. They threw everything at us: they said we were innocent, oblivious of reality, did not understand security. And it turns out that we were right. War is always the last and usually the worst resort. A diplomatic solution was and is the best option.

This lesson is also true to the conflict with the Palestinians. We have learned that more fighting rounds cost lives and achieve no results.

Yossi Sarid used to ask a question which continue to resound even after his death: why do people give up on peace so fast, yet they never give up on war?

So the next time Netanyahu tries to drag us into another military operation – and in Israel operations always miraculously come a little before elections – we must remember that wars cost lives, but diplomacy achieves results.

Translation: Maya Haber

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