Stop Annexation

Stop Annexation

Dear friend,

Many of us are hoping that by July 1 – in about two months – some of the restric­tions we are living under because of the coronavirus may be eased.  Of course, there is no way of knowing now when that threat will be eased.

But there is one thing that we do know about that date.  On July 1, Israel’s new govern­ment, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu with his former bitter rival, Benny Gantz, as his deputy, could begin to annex parts of the West Bank, some­thing no Israeli government has ever tried to do.  We Americans who care deeply about Israel’s future must work together with the many like-minded Israelis to stop this threat to Israel’s integrity, which would create a major obstacle to a future two-state solution.

Partners for Progressive Israel has one primary policy goal now:


Annexation will irretrievably poison Israel’s character as a Jewish and democratic state:

  • It will jeopardize the two-state solution.
  • It will damage – or destroy – the historic peace treaty with Jordan.
  • It will prevent any further development of relations between Israel and Arab states.
  • It will embolden and strengthen the Israeli far Right, whose primary goal this is.

Please contribute to our FUND AGAINST ANNEXATION, which will keep Partners’ voice loud and clear during these crucial months.


  • Support the majority of Israelis who voted against the Right in opposing this
  • Work with the Meretz party and the opposition in the Knesset
  • Build connections among the majority of American Jews who oppose annexation
  • Organize politically so the incoming American administration will firmly oppose implementation or recognition of annexation through legal and diplomatic measures
  • Demonstrate clearly that annexation will threaten the US support which has helped to protect Israel since its establishment

Israel’s 17-month long governmental crisis – which included three inconclusive elections – is now over.  Bibi Netanyahu did not win an election, but he will nevertheless become prime minster – most likely for 18 months – thanks to an apparent failure of either nerve or political judgment on the part of Benny Gantz.

This “emergency government” was ostensibly formed in order to combat the coronavirus crisis and will not undertake other major initiatives for at least 6 months, or until the crisis is under control – with one glaring exception. That exception is that as of July 1 the government may – and certainly will unless it is blocked – undertake steps to annex parts of the West Bank.

The timing is not hard to decipher.  It takes advantage of the unprecedented gift presented to the Israeli Right under Trump and Kushner’s “ultimate peace plan,” unveiled on January 28, which landed with a thud heard round the world. Only rightwing Americans and Israelis welcomed it and desperately want it to be implemented, knowing that it will disappear permanently if President Trump is not reelected in November.

Please contribute now to our FUND AGAINST ANNEXATION

Thus, we are asking you – even during this time of multiple crises, which affect us all – to support us in building a strong and united opposition to annexation.  Donate what you can to Partners to help us keep high the flag of resistance, not only to annexation, but to the whole 53-year occupation! 

Together with our American and Israeli allies we can demonstrate to Netanyahu and Trump that annexation will not succeed.

We rely on you and appreciate your support.

Keep safe.

Paul Scham
President, Partners for Progressive Israel

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