Something positive in Hezbollah’s celebration?

Something positive in Hezbollah’s celebration?

Kudos to our friend, Dr. Eli Leiter, for bringing this to my attention. Almost buried in today’s NY Times article on Hezbollah triumphantly welcoming Israel’s release of convicted terrorist Samir Kuntar the following was noted:

If Israel’s goal of the release was to begin to strip away the issues that Hezbollah uses to justify keeping its weapons — as some political analysts in
the region speculated — Sheik Nasrallah did not sound concerned. [Given this following sentence, the reporter might have posed this much more positively and
speculated upon its meaning– ed.] After leaving the stage, in remarks broadcast to the audience, he said that he would be willing to accept a diplomatic solution to the remaining land disputes with Israel — and with Lebanese factions that are opposed to Hezbollah keeping its weapons.

Is yesterday’s trade for the bodies of the two captured Israeli soldiers part of a concerted effort at peace between Hezbollah and Israel? I would certainly hope so.

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