Senior Meretz Leaders React to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Senior Meretz Leaders React to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Senior Meretz Leaders React to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

We wanted to share with you a selection of the reactions of senior Meretz leaders to the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Deputy Minister Yair Golan today called on the government to “vote at the UN in favor of condemning Russia,” noting that “there are moments when we need to say whose side we’re on.” Yesterday, prior to Foreign Minister Lapid’s condemnation of Russia, Golan urged the government to abandon the ambiguous position it had taken and “use clear language” to denounce the Russian attack. The invasion, he said, “has no real pretext, beyond imperialist tendencies rooted far back in the 19th century.”

MK Michal Rozin, who chairs the Meretz Knesset faction said: “Foreign Minister Lapid did well to condemn the Russian attack and said what needed to be said – ‘war is not the way to resolve conflicts’.”

MK Gaby Lasky said: “I vehemently condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine and the harm to human lives. We must give no legitimacy to the brute-force-driven expansionist aims of any country. Russian forces must leave Ukraine’s land… ”

MK Mossi Raz said: “I support the sovereignty of Ukraine and support its citizens. Respect and gratitude to the brave Russian citizens who went out to demonstrate in the streets of Moscow against the war.”

Chair of the Meretz executive committee, Uri Zaki, said: “Israel must be part of the sanctions regime to be imposed on Russia in the wake of the barbaric invasion of Ukraine. It’s our historic obligation.”

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