Robi Damelin marks 48 years since 6 Day War

Robi Damelin marks 48 years since 6 Day War

This is from PPI’s co-president Judy Wall: “Many of you have met Robi, and I have the privilege of serving with her on the board of Parents Circle.  As you know, she is extraordinarily articulate, and I wanted to share her latest Huffington Post article [‘Coming to Our Senses’] with you.”  Ms. Damelin’s piece begins:

This week marks the 48th anniversary of the Six-Day War in Israel. It is the anniversary of the state of euphoria which existed in Israel after the defeat of so many of its neighbors. After all, some months before June, 1967, people were not sure if the State would survive and in fact mass graves were prepared, just in case. This was also the time when the occupation started … The idea of settlements reared its ugly head and a frenzy of development brought changes to the geography and view. If only we had realized then what repercussions would come out of this . . .

This week Israel was saved by the skin of its teeth from being kicked out of FIFA. One one can’t help wonder if not being able to compete in international football would have have been a catalyst for the man in the street who loves his football, to start to understand that the occupation cannot go on without consequences.  . . . The BDS movement has also come to the forefront in the media. The consequences of activities may not be felt in the average pocket in Israel but it is surely a sign of what could happen. I worry about the motivation of these boycotts. I have no problem with marking goods from the occupied territories but if the message of the churches which boycott is love, then perhaps they would take all of the divested money and reinvest it in programs of reconciliation. Then maybe we could understand an altruistic message rather than one of taking sides. I love Israel and have no wish to have it brought to its’ knees. I want us to be brought to our senses.  …

One can read her entire Huffington Post article by clicking on this link:

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