Right wingers, left-wingers, pillory Save Darfur Rally in DC

Right wingers, left-wingers, pillory Save Darfur Rally in DC

Get your cup of coffee handy. This may take a few minutes.

Outrageous was what my friend called it. The New York Sun pilloried the Save Darfur Rally in Washington DC this past Sunday as being full of “leftists” who were opposed to the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

On Monday, my friend wrote, when sharing it with me …

“Here’s a link to an editorial about yesterday’s `Save Darfur’ rally that appears in today’s New York Sunwww.nysun.com/article/31898. Headlined `Darfur Double Standard,’ it’s the kind of ultra-right-wing stuff I’ve come to expect from the Sun — in this case, I think, something that verges on McCarthyism — and I hope it generates a huge number of letters in response.”
[Go to it, readers!]

Not to be outdone, some similar and worse tendentious stuff is taking place “on the left” — see this item from the very worthwhile Engage weblog that links to something equally outragious in the independent leftist journal Monthly Review’s weblog, MRzine, as well as the comments to same, which can be found at the end of each of the two MRzine items Jeff Weintraub’s takes apart in “Lunacy about Darfur (in Monthly Review)”

FYI, there were a few quite good reports in the press of the rally in DC, which, I should add, I was at, albeit a bit later than expected: I slept over on a friend’s couch to get a 7 am bus, waited fruitlessly while another bus traveling with us had a flat tire, got a lift via a taxi a resourceful fellow traveler called from the highway to Trenton, and then took a train to Washington, and then another taxi to the Mall …
If you want to read all about it, just click here.

And if you want to find out what is to be done now, go to the websites of

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs [upper right corner of the site]
The American Jewish World Service
The Save Darfur Coalition and its homepage
and while you’re at it
The Genocide Intervention Network

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