Right of Self-Determination of the Ukrainian People

Right of Self-Determination of the Ukrainian People

Partners for Progressive Israel Affirms the Right of
Self-Determination of the Ukrainian People—and All Peoples

Button TexThis is the first piece on the current crisis in Ukraine and its relationship to Israel and Palestine, which is approved by the Board of Partners for Progressive Israel.  The second piece is a commentary by Partners’ President, Prof. Paul that can accessed by clicking here. Obviously, this is a fast-moving situation but these are our views as of Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022.t

In response to Russia’s brutal and unprovoked attack against Ukraine, Partners for Progressive Israel applauds the remarks delivered this week by the chair of the Meretz party, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and in support of “the right of people to live in freedom and realize their right to self-determination.”

These rights, of course, apply not only to the Ukrainian people, but to all peoples, including the two sharing the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River—the Jewish people, which is implementing its right to national self-determination, and the Palestinian people, which is being denied that right.

We join with many others throughout the world in calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops and an end to the Russian invasion, which is a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and democracy. We particularly condemn the increasing attacks on Ukrainian citizens and civilian structures, and note the bombing of the Babi Yar memorial as bitterly ironic, given Russian claims of protecting Ukraine from “Nazis.”

We also hope that, once the violence in Ukraine has abated, the international community will be able to redirect its attention to the situation in Israel and Palestine and promote solutions there which respect the rights to self-determination and freedom that all peoples deserve.

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