Reaction to bulldozer attack in Jerusalem

Reaction to bulldozer attack in Jerusalem

Palestinian terrorism as a natural act” By Bradley Burston

What, exactly, is a decent person supposed to think?

On a quiet and clear morning in Jerusalem, a woman is driving toward the heart of the city, her infant with her in the car. There is nothing to fear.

It is not a military area, it is not a sector of occupation, it is not a settlement – Jews have lived and worked here for more than a century. Jewish doctors and nurses were treating Arab infants, women, the elderly and the infirm here as early as 1902, when Shaare Tzedek Hospital opened across the street.

There is nothing to fear. Except for the man behind the wheel of a bulldozer, who has taken it upon himself to kill Jews. Not Israeli security force personnel, not occupation troops, not the Shin Bet. Jews. Women and children and the elderly and the infirm. Jews who may be in favor of an independent Palestinian state. Jews who have nothing against Arabs. Jews who may work to end the occupation. Jews.

When the killing starts, the woman behind the wheel does what Jews have learned to do since the Holocaust, and for 2,000 years before that: Save your child. Whatever it takes.

She manages to throw her infant out the side window and clear of the car before the Hero of Palestine steers the massive earth mover toward her car and crushes it flat.

It doesn’t take long, after the Hero of Palestine has finished overturning buses full of Jews – and Arabs as well – and driving over other cars, even backing up to crush one twice, before the public relations and marketing department of Hamas had formulated its praise for the attack.

“We consider it as a natural reaction to the daily aggression and crimes committed against our people in the West Bank and all over the occupied lands,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told the press. …

Read the rest of Burston’s column in Haaretz online. Please note that his exasperated musings about ultimate Palestinian intentions regarding peace and statehood are entirely his own. They are not the view of Meretz USA.

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  2. Muslims Against Sharia July 5, 2008 at 5:09 am - Reply

    Muslims Against Sharia unequivocally condemn murderous attack in Jerusalem.

    We call for swift extermination of all terrorist groups that claimed responsibility for this attack.

    We implore Israeli government not to provide financial help for the family of the murderer. Any such help will be an open invitation for future attacks.

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