Preview of ISRAEL HORIZONS, Winter 2011

Preview of ISRAEL HORIZONS, Winter 2011

Due to financial difficulties during these hard times, the decision has been made that this will be the final print edition of IH.  But we still anticipate an annual print publication to report on our work and views. Since printing and mailing costs have skyrocketed in recent years, we especially need your help for this purpose.  Only you can keep us going!

If you are progressive, pro-peace and pro-Israel, please give generously to Meretz USA (contributions are tax-deductible and may be made via our website or in the mail). Also consider joining us on the coming “Israel Symposium,” March 26-April 2, 2011. Call us at 212.242.4500 for more information.  

The contents of this final print issue of IH are outlined below.  Click on the Web links for earlier online versions of these articles and features, which were updated and refined for the print edition of IH:

Column Left
Are Jews NOT a ‘People’?
Ralph Seliger

Interview with Hussein Ibish:
Arab-American Activist

The Politics of Israeli Sports
Hillel Schenker

BDS Won’t End the Occupation
Gil Kulick

How Animal Abuse Impacts Israeli Society

Aviva Cantor

In Memory of Rabbi Bruce M. Cohen:
Founder of Interns for Peace
Dina B. Charnin

Director’s Column
Netanyahu Asks for ‘Unity’ but Expects ‘Unanimity’
Ron Skolnik

Movement Matters
Pres. Moises Salinas
JANIP Conference
For Equality at Kotel
Abu Vilan’s Analysis
And Much More

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  1. Yehuda Erdman January 1, 2011 at 5:04 am - Reply

    It is a sad day for all of us when a very fine publication like Israel Horizons comes to an end. In the UK we unfortunately stopped printed publications many years ago not just because of funding problems which have plagued us this side of the Atlantic for many years but also the lack of contributors. Even more dispiriting has been the lack of readership, especially amongst youngsters.
    In my view this has been a general phenomenon that started about 50 years ago with the advent of television and has continued in to the digital/ electronic age. Young people do not read for entertainment any more. Sad but true and it means that we in Meretz worldwide have to find new ways to reach out to young radical progressive Jewish youth.
    It is not all doom and gloom and recently I have embraced new ways of communication such as Twitter and Facebook and am amazed at how quickly a message can be promulgated by these methods.
    Nevertheless it is impossible to put out a reasoned argument in under 140 words, don’t even try!

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