PPI Statement: No New Sanctions While Negotiating

PPI Statement: No New Sanctions While Negotiating

This links to the text of the agreement announced this past weekend.  The following is Partners for Progressive Israel’s statement on negotiating a final agreement with Iran on its nuclear program:

We, Partners for Progressive Israel, an affiliate of the American Zionist Movement, hail the announced interim agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program.  We support the ongoing efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry and his team to pursue a lasting agreement.  Success in these negotiations will strengthen the security of Israel, the United States, and the Middle East.

Moreover, we ask Congress NOT to pass new sanctions against Iran at this sensitive time. If negotiations ultimately fail, new sanctions will remain an option.  But they would surely be counterproductive at this moment.

Opinion polls show that a majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, favor diplomacy to resolve this issue. We are convinced by the new agreement that this approach is bearing fruit. 

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