Podcast: Women Wage Peace Fast for Israel’s Future

Podcast: Women Wage Peace Fast for Israel’s Future

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Guy Frenkel speaks to Orly Haklai and Michal Dover about Women Wage Peace’s Initiative, Operation Protective Fast. Orly and Michal are two women from a larger group that is currently fasting from early July until late August, the entire duration of last summer’s war, Protective Edge.  They hope to bring attention to the current government’s inaction, and warn that further rounds of fighting are around the corner if changes are not implemented.



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  1. Alice Beauchamp August 17, 2015 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    Not too surprising that a government that fails to make any concessions to Palestinian rights, is also backward on equal rights for women — not really in line with traditionally prominent women’s role in Jewish life. Time to reconsider & amend, but little hope of seeing it come about with this backward government!

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