PPI and Hatikvah Slate in The Jerusalem Post

PPI and Hatikvah Slate in The Jerusalem Post

PPI’s Adam Eisler published an op-ed in today’s Jerusalem Post defending the Hatikvah Slate.

The Alliance for New Zionist Vision (ANZV), a party running in the World Zionist Congress elections that are taking place, has decided to continue with its campaign of deception in an op-ed piece authored by Leah Karchmer last Friday. The piece questions the progressive ideals and Zionist character of the Hatikvah Slate while oddly reassigning them to the ANZV. The ANZV may offer a new spin on traditional revisionist Zionism, but they are anything but progressive…..

Read more at The Jerusalem Post.

P.S. If you haven’t voted already, you must hurry.  Check out this link, because voting is only through Thursday, April 30!

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