Post-election Hope for Change and Normal Life

Post-election Hope for Change and Normal Life

I hear first “Crow on the Cradle” sung by Jackson Browne/Graham Nash from No Nukes, then “Teach Your Children Well,” Crosby, Stills and Nash, on the Saturday Oldies program — yes you can tell the politics of the DJs. They also love to play “My Favorite Enemy,” a fascinating post-Oslo Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian-International musical project, worth checking out. 
Here’s what I just published as part of my thoughts on the outcome of the Israeli elections, at the Times of Israel website: “Israelis Voted for Change and a Normal Life.”
There was a very energy-filled post-election party convened by Tammy Zandberg — 36 years old, just elected as # 6 on the Meretz Knesset list — Friday afternoon, at a trendy Tel Aviv cafe on Sderot Ben-Gurion.   Hundreds of people attended — almost all in their 30s and under.   I was one of the few “veterans” there!

Tammy said that Meretz came in first in all the polling stations in central Tel Aviv. Dror Morag (who deserves a lot of credit, along with many others) also spoke, while Uri Zaki (# 10 on the list) served as MC.

I told Tammy she was now “my MK”, and I had 4 assignments for her:
1) To represent Tel Aviv, and particularly develop the public transportation system, with an emphasis on the Tel Aviv Light Rail;
2) Affordable housing — something she worked on as Ron Cohen’s parliamentary assistant;
3) Involvement in promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace;
4) The nuclear issue — not just against a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran (something she was actively involved in, helping to lead the protests outside Ehud Barak’s house), but also advancing a Middle East Nuclear and Mass Destruction Free Zone.

She accepted all my assignments.

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