Police Raid Zionist ‘Settlement Division’

Police Raid Zionist ‘Settlement Division’

We’ve just learned of an Israeli police raid on the World Zionist Organization’s “Settlement Division” offices, as part of a corruption scandal implicating Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu party. PPI’s representatives on the WZO’s Va’ad HaPoel (Zionist General Council), Arieh Lebowitz and Larry Lerner, are campaigning against the secretive functioning of the Settlement Division as a conduit for government funds to West Bank settlements.

The following is a statement issued today (Dec. 31, 2014), by the World Union of Meretz the faction that we at PPI are part of to investigate, expose and terminate the role of the WZO Settlement Division in funding West Bank settlements:

Due to the police’s raid on the offices of the settlement division with suspicion of alleged money transfers and insiders appointment, as part of the Yisrael Beitenu scandal, the World Union of Meretz demands the executive of the World Zionist Organization to hold an urgent meeting in order to instruct an in depth examination and to appoint a supervisor that will examine the division’s operations in the past few years. 

In addition, the World Union of Meretz asks to clarify why the settlement division that operates solely according to government orders in matters that the WZO is not involved in, a part of and cannot control or supervise is officially defined as a WZO body. 

In addition, the World Union of Meretz demands to implement full transparency policies regarding the operations of the settlement division and their costs. 

Dario Teitelbaum, Secratery General
The World Union of Meretz

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