Podcast on Susiya: A Village Under Imminent Threat of Demolition, South Hebron Hills, Palestine

Podcast on Susiya: A Village Under Imminent Threat of Demolition, South Hebron Hills, Palestine

Continuing the exploration of a critical aspect of the Israel-Palestine conflict, this week’s podcast builds on previous episodes’ information of systematic, racially motivated forced displacement of Palestinians through legal means. Rather than looking at one family’s case, this episode discusses a village whose entire existence is one big court battle.

I speak with Robin Levy, a writer, poet and active community member in Jerusalem. After explaining the background on the legal struggle over the village of Susiya, Robin and I talk about the dynamic of historical sites and settlements as they play into state-occupation, and about why activists do what they do specifically in relation to Susiya.

Rabbis for Human Rights has an easy-to-watch animated educational video that I highly recommend watching before listening to this podcast.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7ywEamo1X0″ width=”500″ height=”200″]

You click the ‘cc’ button for English subtitles. Continue on their website for more information.

And search ‘All That’s Left’ online for a hub of links to information about Susiya, as well as other pertinent topics.  Go to Ta’ayush for information about the organization we talked about.

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  2. Tehila July 23, 2015 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    That is a JEWISH HOME!!!!!!!!!!
    I know the person that built and owns that house very well.
    I’ve been their before.
    That picture is credited to b’tselem and they know very well that that is a jewish home.
    It was deliberately posted.
    They are anti Israel.
    They are anti Jews.
    They are racist against me.
    They are racist against my whole nation.
    They want the destruction of me and my whole nation.
    They are doing it in a smart way so that people dont realize what their up to.
    their first step is to lie about the only Jewish State.
    We cannot let this happen.
    Not again.
    Please investigate more before you post things on your website.

  3. Nicole Cooper July 24, 2015 at 4:37 am - Reply

    Hi Tehila,
    These are all of my photographs and I purposefully do not use anyone else’s nor am I associated with B’tselem.
    The house in the featured image at the top is from the Jewish side of Susiya which is at the top of the agricultural private land of the man who is in the field. When he went to his field soliders came to check on what he was doing.
    I am not anti-jewish, I am just photographing what life is like in the South Hebron Hills. It is not propoganda or set-up, it is a complex reality people are living in.
    There is Jewish history in the area and Palestinian but the Jews living there now have more privilege. This is about distributing power and working to have nations that respect eachother and recognize eachothers cultural and material hertiage.
    I recognize the difficulties of all peoples desires for the same land, and to have people come to the Synagogue that is where the Palestinian people of Susiya were first living. The Palestinians living in their agricultural land there now are happy to meet with Jews and invited us to celebrate Shabbat in their village.
    There is much more than meets the eye in photos which is why they are complimented with two pieces of audio.

    • Tehila July 24, 2015 at 1:58 pm - Reply

      maybe it wasn’t clear which photograph I’m referring to, but its a structure with an arched roof. I’ve stayed there in my uncle’s house, I know the people who live in the adjacent white structure. If you zoom in you’ll see an old couch in front of the arched structure. The person who built it is David. His wife’s family lives in Susiya for many years. She was born and grew up there. There is no question about it. It couldn’t be a mistake because the entire area of about five families are all Jewish. The photo’s going around the internet because so many people are familiar with this neighborhood and exposes the propaganda machine.

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