Podcast: East Jerusalem Family’s Forced Displacement

Podcast: East Jerusalem Family’s Forced Displacement

In my first month in Jerusalem, one Sunday morning we got a phone call from a friend: “Hey, wanna go help a family from being evicted?”

Without hesitation my roommates and I crawled out of bed and rushed into the old city. As soon as we found the correct street, our education began about forced evictions in Jerusalem and across Israel-Palestine. Surrounded by locals and some internationals we stood outside the house as many crammed inside. We stopped the police by strength in numbers, and cheered when the Sub Laban’s lawyer got an injunction. We were back the following week with more internationals and an activist drumming group to make some noise.

Now there is less than one week left until their final appeal on May 31st. Please sign the petition that will help them in court to hopefully keep their home. Read more about them and sign the petition.

There are fifteen eviction cases in East Jerusalem at the moment. This is a quote from Nora Sub Laban, the property holder:

“I have lived through my life watching my neighbours in the Old City, and my family across Jerusalem, being slowly pushed out of the city through cooperation between settlers, the Israeli political establishment and the outcome of discriminatory judicial rulings. I have decided to remain steadfast, and need your help to ensure we’re not transferred.”

Below is my interview with Rafat Sub Laban, Nora’s son. He is a Palestinian human rights activist from Jerusalem. He holds a Master’s degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Essex in the UK and currently works as a legal research and advocacy officer for the Society of St. Yves, a Palestinian Catholic human rights organization.

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