Phyllis’s new picks from Web: ‘Jerusalem is on fire’

Phyllis’s new picks from Web: ‘Jerusalem is on fire’

Phyllis Bernstein, a PPI board member who is active in her New Jersey Jewish federation on issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel, has volunteered to comb the Web for news and views of interest.  This is her latest list:

Too much negative stuff: Jerusalem is on fire with attacks on its light rail, an Arab-Israeli is shot by a cop, a Jewish Israeli woman is murdered in the West Bank, more settlement housing is announced.  So I wonder: how does Israel’s government work? Watch the video; was the cop overreacting? Now what? Speak up against anything that the government is doing and you will be kicked out (as Netanyahu suggests) — is that how safety will be assured for all citizens and residents?

This is an editorial I highly recomment in the New Jersey JEWISH NEWS (my home community’s weekly)

And I’ve written this: “Why Have Jewish-Arab Relations Deteriorated in Israel? The View of Sikkuy’s Ron Gerlitz,” summarizing remarks delivered by Ron Gerlitz, co-executive director of Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, at an Inter-Agency Task Force for Israeli Arab Issues meeting on November 6, 2014 in New York.

Other recent articles of interest for our concerns:
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