Phyllis Bernstein’s Latest Reading Picks

Phyllis Bernstein’s Latest Reading Picks

Roger Cohen’s latest column reflects on his recent experience of the High Holy Days, and his wish for Israel to take seriously the teaching on kindness to “the stranger”:

God of the left and of the right, forgive us:

From Ami Ayalon, former head of Israel’s Shin Bet:

Netanyahu to Obama: Arab states can have role in Palestinian-Israeli peace process:

Livni reportedly meets with Arab foreign ministers, including from Gulf states:

It’s great to see this is in mainstream press:

A Palestinian professor is under fire for taking his students to Auschwitz to teach reconciliation:

P.S. Our former executive director, Ron Skolnik, wrote at the Jewish Currents blog, on how Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to deflect the world’s attention away from his policies by pointing at ISIS and Iran:

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