Passover: Religion and State in Israel

Passover: Religion and State in Israel

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Orthodox Rabbinate uses barcodes to close spigot on chametzEarlier this year, the Shas party failed in its effort to pass a bill that would have made it illegal for any business located in a predominantly Jewish community in Israel to display or sell chametz – leavened products – during the week of Passover.

Undaunted, though, Israel’s Chief Rabbinate – monopolized by law by the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox – has decided toimpose its will by means of computers and its control of “Kosher for Passover” certification. The Rabbinate has informed supermarket chains and grocery stores that it will approve them as “Kosher for Passover” only if they adjust their stores’ computers so that the barcodes of leavened products are not recognized during Passover week – thus preventing their sale.

Over the years, Israel’s food stores have generally used an honor system, in which shelves containing chametz are covered over by large, white bed-sheets, discouraging – but not preventing – these products’ purchase.

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    Tiresomely predictable. The man? spends our money like there’s no tomorrow, and next week one of his czars/senators will be in front of the cameras telling us how we NEED another stimulus bill. Or a tax hike. Or health care for e v e r y o n e, including all the i l l e g a l s.Meanwhile back in Af;.8nistan&#a230;…&#8230g.hHe has no honor, no shame, and there is no hope for America, unless we canstop this trainwreck.

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