Palestine-Israel Journal issue on ‘Arab Spring’

Palestine-Israel Journal issue on ‘Arab Spring’

This is a message from the British-Jewish Mideast analyst and activist, Tony Klug:

I thought you might like to know that an extraordinary compendium of articles on the Arab uprisings — more than 20 altogether — specially commissioned by the Palestine-Israel Journal, has just been published in its latest volume under the rubric ‘Arab Spring’.  The Israeli, Palestinian and international authors — comprising public figures, prominent academics and veteran writers — examine from diverse viewpoints just about every aspect of the recent turmoil in the Arab world, its causes, significance and future implications, including the place and role of Israel in the emerging regional order.

Most of the articles are available online at My contribution, ‘Have the Arab Uprisings lost their Spring?’, may be accessed direct at Over the next few days I plan to read every single article. I am sure it will be fascinating. You are welcome to join me!

And here is the letter from the editors:

Palestine-Israel Journal
of Politics, Economics and Culture

Dear Researcher, Librarian and Student,

We would like to introduce you to the latest issue of the Palestine-Israel Journal , focusing on ‘ The Arab Spring ‘. This issue will be a particularly important tool for those wishing to understand, in depth, the current political situation in the Middle East, and in particular its effects on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

After a year of uprisings, revolutions and ongoing struggles, it is vital for students and researchers to have access to up-to-date, thorough analysis of recent events. The Arab Spring issue includes input from academics, public figures and writers from Israel and Palestine, as well as authors from the region and the international community who have discussed the phenomenon, each from his own perspective. To sample the Arab Spring issue, please follow this link to our website.

The Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture ( is the only independent, joint publication to be produced locally by a joint team of Israeli and Palestinian academics and journalists, and includes first-hand, in-depth analysis from leading thinkers, experts, and public figures, both Israeli and Palestinian. The journal encourages a climate of constructive criticism and mutual respect, active dialogue and exchanges within and between the two civil societies. It is indispensable for anyone who wants to study this ever-changing region.

The Palestine-Israel Journal is produced quarterly and is a respected addition to many academic libraries and course curriculums around the world. It is our belief that your department and library, and anyone intent on studying the recent events in the Middle East, would find this resource a valuable addition to your collection.

An annual subscription costs only $75 (€55) per year, including postage and packaging. To subscribe please follow this link to our website. 

We also invite you to purchase an individual copy of the Arab Spring issue on a promotional price of $15 including shipment. (usual price $17 plus shipment).

Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.


Ziad AbuZayyad and Hillel Schenker
Palestine-Israel Journal

4 El Hariri St. East Jerusalem POB 19839
Tel: 972(02)6282-115/59 Fax: 972(02)6273-388 E-mail: Website:

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