Not in MY name

Not in MY name

I couldn’t believe this YouTube video when I first saw it. It was made in time for the Jewish High Holy Days by the youth affiliate of Jewish Voice for Peace, Young, Jewish, and Proud, the group responsible for disrupting Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last year, in New Orleans. 

It came across more like a declaration of war than a presentation for peace. Their concluding mantra, “We are young Jews, and we decide what that means,” seemed more about asserting themselves than reaching out to persuade others. It left me feeling puzzled and queasy. 

But what do I know?  I’m “old.” 

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  1. Anonymous September 29, 2011 at 7:54 pm - Reply

    New blog design, but sadly same old Meretz.

    A JVP video somehow becomes “a declaration of war,” and young Jews making assertive statements about their identities and critical of Israel makes Ralph queasy.

    Once again, Meretz USA focuses like a laser beam on the issues vital to achieving social justice and peace.

    Attacking a JVP video and MJ Rosenberg, and before that Yale and The Nation, and allying with Lebanese American Hussein Ibish of the American Task Force on Palestine, which is now being criticized by its owm board members for betraying Palestinians. Meretz-USA’s thought leaders are on another reactionary roll…


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