New US Diplomatic Effort Under Kerry

New US Diplomatic Effort Under Kerry

The NY Jewish Week begins a news article, Hints Of Movement Seen In Wake Of Obama Trip“: “Kerry picking up ball as Israel releases tax money to PA…,” as follows:

After the electricity of President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel last week and his speech urging Israel’s young generation to get involved in the peace process with the Palestinians, there were reports this week that a new round of talks may be on the horizon. … 

“What the Obama visit did was to put the Palestinian issue back into the consciousness of everyone here,” said Gershon Baskin, a peace activist and political analyst. “If the [recent Israeli] elections removed the issue from public debate, the Obama visit brought it back — it’s now on the agenda.”

This article also provides a glimpse of Secretary of State Kerry’s prodigious efforts behind the scenes to reestablish relations with Turkey, persuade Israel to make positive gestures toward the Palestinians and to oversee eight weeks of indirect “exploratory talks” between Israel and the PLO possibly culminating in a peace summit in Jordan.  
The article concludes with Baskin again:

Peace activist Baskin pointed out that Kerry’s future efforts to prod the two sides towards peace would have to be made away from the public eye in light of Israel’s pro-settler government. “A lot of things can be done under the radar,” he said. “The prime minister can seek a peace deal, but … as soon as there is any real progress — such as a territorial concession — the government falls apart. But then they can seek approval in the Knesset or public referendum. And there’s a majority for that in the Knesset. Even a Jewish majority.” 

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