Netanyahu’s Sixth Government

Netanyahu’s Sixth Government

Partners for Progressive Israel’s Statement on the
Inauguration of Netanyahu’s Sixth Government


Partners for Progressive Israel is appalled by the new Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, a would-be authoritarian ruler who has assembled a coalition of unabashed Jewish supremacists, religious fundamentalists, and advocates of illiberalism. With a policy driven by disciples of the racist Meir Kahane, by self-declared homophobes, and by supporters of theocracy, we fear that Israel might come to bear little resemblance to a democracy, even within its sovereign borders.

We stand behind the many brave citizens of Israel, Jews and Arabs, who will resist the actions of this new government and its premeditated assault on the civil and human rights of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory and, within the Green Line border, of Palestinian Arab citizens, women, and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the general population. These Israelis are already showing their resolve, with thousands gathered at the Knesset on Thursday, as the government was sworn in, to voice their vehement protest.

We applaud the active involvement in these protests of our friends in the Meretz party, who will yet help to resurrect a new left in Israel. Partners for Progressive Israel will continue to share the dissident message of the country’s progressive camp in the difficult time ahead and will continue to actively support the Israeli left in defending human and civil rights for all of the inhabitants in the region.

To help in these efforts, we encourage those in the Washington D.C. area to take part in a protest outside the Israeli embassy on Monday, January 2nd. Details can be found here.

Partners for Progressive Israel                          December 30th, 2022


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